Love Songs Love series之信仰/情歌系列之信念



类型:海外,泰剧 泰国 2018

时间:2020-04-01 00:30:08


Kit is a model student who's going to receive a scholarship to study abroad. But problems arise and Olarn came to inform that Kit and 4 other students won't receive the scholarship. The only way to solve this problem is that all of them must gather to form a band to compete in place of the old school band. Kit therefore gathered Tam, Farang, Tao, Ki and Fang. They're not confident that they'll win the competition and they face various obstacles, but Teacher Ben is always there to help encourage them.
2018年上映,由Beam,Boonyakorn,Ratanaumnuayshai,Ae,Maneerat,Kumoun,凯博,奇瓦普雷佐·蒂蒂卡亚等主演的《Love Songs Love series之信仰/情歌系列之信念》在泰国发行,《Love Songs Love series之信仰/情歌系列之信念》高清BD1280下载,Love Songs Love series之信仰/情歌系列之信念HD1280/1080p/百度云720P/BD1080P/免费高清版/在线观看。
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